LATSIS Symposium ETH ZURICH on Personalised Medicine

LYO-X is sponsoring the LATSIS Symposium on Personalised Medicine to be held at the ETH Zurich June 27–29 2016. Personalised medicine has a number of quite attractive advantages. Treatments tailored to the individual patient, for example by therapy selection based on diagnostic tools or by individualised dosing, should improve the effect, lower side effects and lower costs by avoiding ineffective treatments. It appears to be an obvious solution given the situation we have today in the health care system. However, despite the advantages most drugs are still developed as a one-fits-all solution without any diagnostic tools. Cancer drug therapies are an exception because the cause and disease pathology can often be traced back to few genetic mutations. Looking behind the enthusiasm there are a number of significant hurdles in bringing personalised medicine to patients and making it a general solution. Many diseases are still poorly understood, pharmaceutical companies prefer one-fits-all solutions and regulatory hurdles make the development expensive. And there are challenges on the user side as well. Treatments must be simple enough to be robustly used and accepted by doctors and patients. The LATSIS Symposium on Personalised Medicine has put together an attractive program with speakers from different backgrounds (Program). This is particularly interesting because personalised medicine in the pharmaceutical business is naturally associated with drug therapies. So it should be interesting to learn how different fields tackle the scientific challenges in bringing optimal treatments to patients and learn from each other to make personalised medicine a standard approach in the health care system.