Consulting and PK/PD Modelling Services for Preclinical and Clinical Biotherapeutics Development



We support the translation of innovation into pharmacological concepts and therapies. We believe that the most innovative therapeutic ideas deserve the best development tools. We use Systems Pharmacology as a key tool to maximize the success of your preclinical program, clinical study or registration.


Our services includes consultancy and implementation of systems pharmacology and PK/PD modelling for target assessment, format selection, compound design, candidate selection, design and analysis of preclinical PK/PD and GLP toxicology studies, first in human dose selection, paediatric dose selection  and dose / regimen finding studies.

Why choose us

Our methods have been successfully applied in global pharmaceutical companies with tangible results including patents. We have the unique tested expertise developing bi-specifics, antibody-drug conjugates, scFv’s, nanobodies, cell based therapies to provide tailored support for your program.


LYO-X is closely working with KinDyn Consulting and Integrated Biologix in order to provide fully integrated consultancy for preclinical and clinical development of biologics covering toxicology, pathology, CMC, bioanalysis, PK/PD, immunogenicity,  and regulatory strategies.

lixoft_labelLYO-X is partnering with Lixoft to provide you access to Monolix the scientifically and technologically most advanced software for preclinical and clinical data analysis.


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