The first decisions during the initial stages of drug development are the most critical ones; they determine the therapeutic potential, value and success of a compound.

We support you from the earliest stage starting with target feasibility assessment, compound format select and design.

  • Are you having a revolutionary idea for a compound, but need to assess how it translates into a human PK/PD scenario? First projections can often be done with published data. It will give you the confidence to invest into the right idea.
  • Are you evaluating different targets in a pathway and need to select? We assess target selection based on kinetics.
  • Do you need to select the right format, the right affinity, the right valency? Experimental testing will blow your capacity. Let do Systems Pharmacology do the job and test a few selected variants.
  • Do you need to select the best candidate that can also stand out against competitors? Today its not enough to have a compound, it has to be best in class.
  • Are you observing Target Mediate Drug Disposition? We can do a risk assessment and provide mitigation strategies.
  • Are you consider moving into first in human studies? We develop strategies for safe and informative studies.