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Comprehensive mathematical model of the alternative complement pathway describing in vitro experimental- and clinical-data

We recently published a comprehensive mathematical model of the alternative complement pathway in the PLOS Computational Biology journal. The model includes all known positive and negative regulators of the pathway and has been tested on a comprehensive set of in vitro experimental data and clinical data. As such its an exciting tool to probe the pathway model to predict the outcome of different pharmaceutical interventions on key bio- and pharmacodynamic markers.… Read the rest


Poster presentation at PAGE 2018

Systems Pharmacology model of peripheral serotonin production proposing two different synthesis compartments with markedly different release rates into blood. Link to abstract

M. Machacek (1), L. Renaud (1), C. Kohl (2), M. Vercauteren (2), L. Remen (2), R. Welford (2). (1) LYO-X GmbH, Ringstrasse 9, 4123 Allschwil, Switzerland. (2) Idorsia Pharmaceuticals Limited, Hegenheimermattweg 91, 4123 Allschwil, Switzerland… Read the rest


12th Basel M&S Seminar: ‘Modelling … AND SIMULATION’

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20. PK/PD Expert Meeting

We were very kindly invited to the 20. Pharmacokinetics/Pharmacodynamics Expert Meeting in Berlin April 14th – 16th 2016. It will be a great opportunity to meet the German PKPD experts. There is an attractive agenda including:

  • Systems Pharmacology
    Methods, Applications, Opportunities and Challenges
  • Dose Finding in Phase II for Confirmatory Clinical Trials
    Overview, Methods, Good Practices and Examples
  • PK/PD of Locally Applied Drugs
    Considerations for (Sub-)Cutaneous and Ocular Administration of Pharmaceuticals

Of course we are in the Systems Pharmacology session where we will talk about the “Introduction to Concepts and Methods of Systems Pharmacology”.… Read the rest



We will be at ACoP6 with our partner Lixoft meeting the pharmacometrics community and teaching at the Monolix Suite workshop.
I’m looking very much forward to the event. It will be great to meet all my friends and colleagues especially everyone living in the US who I have not seen for quite a while.
I’m going to talk about Simulx on day two of the Monolix Suite workshop which I’m especially proud of. It is such an elegant and powerful solution for NLME simulations.… Read the rest


Why Investing Millions in Generating Data?

LYO-X will be at the Life Science Forum Basel this coming Thursday, June 18th. We will address the very relevant question “Why Investing Millions in Generating Data?” and show “How to Use Systems Pharmacology to Make the Most of Your Data”. Join us at this event with a very exciting program. The event is at the Pharmazentrum/Biozentrum of the University of Base and starts midday. For more details see the PROGRAM.… Read the rest


Fighting Ebola Disease

LYO-X is helping to determine the optimal dose of ZMapp™, a monoclonal antibody cocktail, for the treatment of Ebola virus disease. This project shows another reason why it is critical to determine the right dose. With no approved vaccine or medicine the sudden outbreak of Ebola virus disease in February 2014 caught the world off guard.  Optimal dosing in such circumstances is not only a matter of safety and efficacy but also of providing treatment to every patient in need. Modelling approaches can help in such situations to integrate sparse data to inform the right dose or to put forward hypotheses that can be tested in a targeted way to derive better information on the right dose and regimen.… Read the rest

Methodologies and Software as Success Factors for Systems Pharmacology

Methodologies and Software as Success Factors for Systems Pharmacology

LYO-X will be at the QSP congress in Boston Jan 28th for Lixoft. We will present the Monolix suite and demonstrate how it is a success factor for your Systems Pharmacology projects. We will also host a roundtable to collect inputs from our partners on what the next critical components are that need to be implemented in the Monolix suite.

Join us in Boson. The attendance is excellent with all the Systems Pharmacology leaders who are participating. I expect a great meeting with lots of engaging discussion.… Read the rest


LIFT presentation published on youtube!

LYO-X presented at the Lift Basel 2014 ( innovation conference. It was interesting to hear all the futuristic and exciting talks and to discuss with the presenters. The conference has definitely helped me to get inspired and to continue to push the innovation boundary for computational methods in drug development. LYO-X is committed to bring this innovation in Systems Pharmacology also to small Biotechnology companies who do not have the competitive advantage of a own Pharmacometrics team. See… Read the rest


Lift Basel Conference

Join us at the Lift Basel Conference ( We will be presenting at the Big Data and Beyond session on Thursday, November 6, 2014 – 14:15 to 15:30. The lift conference is about “Connecting Innovators in Life Sciences and Information Technologies”. The event is in the Markthalle, Basel on November 6-7.

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