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Fighting Ebola Disease

LYO-X is helping to determine the optimal dose of ZMapp™, a monoclonal antibody cocktail, for the treatment of Ebola virus disease. This project shows another reason why it is critical to determine the right dose. With no approved vaccine or medicine the sudden outbreak of Ebola virus disease in February 2014 caught the world off guard.  Optimal dosing in such circumstances is not only a matter of safety and efficacy but also of providing treatment to every patient in need. Modelling approaches can help in such situations to integrate sparse data to inform the right dose or to put forward hypotheses that can be tested in a targeted way to derive better information on the right dose and regimen.… Read the rest

Methodologies and Software as Success Factors for Systems Pharmacology

Methodologies and Software as Success Factors for Systems Pharmacology

LYO-X will be at the QSP congress in Boston Jan 28th for Lixoft. We will present the Monolix suite and demonstrate how it is a success factor for your Systems Pharmacology projects. We will also host a roundtable to collect inputs from our partners on what the next critical components are that need to be implemented in the Monolix suite.

Join us in Boson. The attendance is excellent with all the Systems Pharmacology leaders who are participating. I expect a great meeting with lots of engaging discussion.… Read the rest


LIFT presentation published on youtube!

LYO-X presented at the Lift Basel 2014 ( innovation conference. It was interesting to hear all the futuristic and exciting talks and to discuss with the presenters. The conference has definitely helped me to get inspired and to continue to push the innovation boundary for computational methods in drug development. LYO-X is committed to bring this innovation in Systems Pharmacology also to small Biotechnology companies who do not have the competitive advantage of a own Pharmacometrics team. See… Read the rest


Lift Basel Conference

Join us at the Lift Basel Conference ( We will be presenting at the Big Data and Beyond session on Thursday, November 6, 2014 – 14:15 to 15:30. The lift conference is about “Connecting Innovators in Life Sciences and Information Technologies”. The event is in the Markthalle, Basel on November 6-7.

 … Read the rest


Modelling to avoid unnecessary studies: EMA & FDA on Gaucher disease in children

On the EMA website it was communicated: “The European Medicines Agency (EMA) and the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have released a draft joint proposal to facilitate the clinical investigation of new medicines for the treatment of Gaucher disease in children. There is a high unmet medical need for children with neurological symptoms, in particular for new routes of administration that would reduce the treatment burden. A number of medicines are under development for the treatment of this disease; however, since it is a rare condition, recruitment of children in clinical trials has been shown to be difficult. … Read the rest